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Skylight Cleaning


Skylight and solar panel cleaning is a service we provide. The best time to do it is when you are having your gutters cleaned. Skylights and solar panels need to be clean often in order to last longer and give peak performance.

The snow piles up on them, trees dump sap and leaves on them, mildew can grow on them, and bird droppings block the sunlight from shining through.  So, if you want to keep the beautiful view of your skylight, you should clean your skylights once or twice a year.

The grime and dirt on skylight can cause minute scratches to Plexiglas skylights, which will leave them with a clouded appearance. This can be expected for older skylights, as Plexiglas degrades over time. We can install new Velux skylights to bring the sunshine back in.

Holencik Exteriors will maintain your Skylights,  and Solar Panels on a regular  cleaning schedule once or twice a year.